JT FOXX REVIEW: Outfoxxed but not outplayed

I thought I was relatively successful.

I thought I was at the peak of my career in real estate.

Little did I know that my world was about to explode and I was to be propelled to great heights and even greater success. Let me tell you how it happened:

In 2015 I attended a JT Foxx free seminar in Durban South Africa. As I sat in the audience I was thinking to myself, these Americans,  – JT Foxx and his team, – are either onto something or they are ‘on’ something.  They spoke with energy and passion and fired up the audience. JT Foxx spoke about the power of branding, branding by association  and business coaching, but truth be told I was  somewhat skeptical … in fact, very skeptical!

It took two more of these seminars  (yes,  I went back another two times) before I decided to ‘jump out the plane’,  and signed up for a 2 day coaching plus a 15 minute 1 on 1 with JT Foxx himself.  It was almost like me challenging JT Foxx to show me that this would work.

Although at first it was difficult for me to ‘hear’ what JT threw at me (and for those of you that know him,  you will understand by what I mean ‘threw at me’) during those all too brief 15 minutes.  My brain couldn’t keep up.  He gave me nuggets of gold and I battled to remember everything as he went so fast and seemed to solve all my ‘problems’ in one foul swoop.  I walked out of that meeting feeling like I had been run over by a truck, but highly energised and so excited by the future possibilities that lay before me and my business Julie Solomon Property.

I signed up for business coaching as well as 4 days of group coaching called Dream Team.  The JT Foxx Organisation assigned me the perfect coach, Coach Shaun – they interviewed me and established what I required from business coaching and made the perfect match in Coach Shaun, specialising in marketing and branding.

Taking the hints and tips JT  Foxx has given me,  I introduced the concept of Branding and Branding by Association into my business … and boy,  did this work!  Oh my goodness, I could barely keep up with all the interest, phone calls, additional inquiries that came pouring in as a result of this.  That month and for the next three months I doubled the number of sales.   I was impressed!

After implementing a particular marketing and branding campaign my annual sales shot up by 64.7% for the year. I was so chuffed with the results that I then and there became a JT Foxx fan for life!

I just knew I was on the fast track to super success when my mum called me from the UK where she lives and told me she thought I was and I quote,  “Possibly bragging a little too much on FaceBook.” Without skipping a beat my reply was, “But Mum,  its not bragging its BRANDING!”

Branding has given my boutique-style real estate business the recognition and credibility I need to beat the bigger branded companies and win!

Another big plus factor in having JT Foxx as my coach has been the huge improvement in my self confidence. He has smashed away my limiting self-beliefs and made me realise that I am so much more than just a real estate agent;  that my thirteen years of experience in property has made me an expert and that I am so much more capable than I believed I was. Let’s be honest – after 13 years I do know my stuff.  I have now become an expert in my field.  I have the confidence to grow my business and become the authority.

I’ve even had the renewed energy, passion and enthusiasm  to start a 2nd and 3rd business –  investing in, flipping and training others on how to build wealth through property investing and I’m loving my new found confidence.  If only I had met JT Foxx 10 years ago … !

After being the opening speaker at the premiere JT Foxx annual event, Family Reunion 2, in Orlando, U.S.A. in November 2016,  where I shared my 5 Tips on ‘How to be Unstoppable’ and how it is critical to ones success to be able to look in the mirror and like the person staring back at you, such wonderful and exciting opportunities have come my way. It’s thanks to my Mega Speaker coach that Ive been asked to speak at many corporate events,  networking evenings and have received an invitation to guest speak at an entrepreneur evening in the United Kingdom. These are opportunities I hadn’t even imagined, let alone thought possible.

I’ve spoken on and shared a stage with the World’s #1 Wealth Coach – the irrepressible Mr JT Foxx himself,  Vanilla Ice, John Travolta, 50 Cent, Calvin Kline, Randy Zuckerburg and Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar listing fame to name but a few.  I’ve had the opportunity to interview, live on stage, the grandson of the iconic Nelson Mandela,   Ndaba Mandela,  Donald Trump’s former right hand man and property attorney George Ross and marketing wonder woman Randy Zuckerburg. I’ve met the South African and World record holder, gold Olympic medalist Wayde van Niekerk and even got to hold his Gold Medal!

I’ve utilised  all these incredible opportunities to brand myself and my business and it’s all thanks to JT Foxx and his dynamic, hardworking team coaching me and YOU to super success!   DO NOT hesitate – jump!


9 thoughts on “JT FOXX REVIEW: Outfoxxed but not outplayed”

  1. #Powerhouse Julie Solomon never cease to amaze each and every time! Proud to call you my friend. The best real estate entrepreneur in the whole of Durban and some says all over the world. I always quote you as a woman who single handedly carve a niche for herself and build her own empire just by utilising social media on top of what the other offline campaigns that most people do. Looking forward to more exciting success stories in the future, Julie!


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